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A woman has 2 problems

A woman has 2 problems nothing to wear and a closet full of clothes.

Have you ever opened your closet, looked at hundreds of well dressed hangers and thought, “I have nothing to wear?"

Think about the clothing that you have accumulated over the years, the money you’ve spent, the countless hours at the mall, or in a dressing room.

With all that you’ve invested in your closet, why aren’t you satisfied?

When you flip through a magazine or walk through a department store and compare your wardrobe to all of the new fashion choices, it’s hard to measure up.

So you buy more.

When you walk through a store and see that brand new clothing is $10.00 and sometimes less, it’s hard to resist. And yet, nothing you add to your closet makes it any better for very long.

I know you are asking yourself, “Why don’t I feel good about what I wear?” “Why do I need to buy a new outfit for an event that I will only wear one time?” “With all of the choices I have, why don’t I have anything to wear?”

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