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Dressing in Alignment

Dressing in alignment is one of the most important concepts in fashion psychology, and here's why:

When designing clothes, often we think about the "pain point" that customers are experiencing and creating an innovative solution that our clothes can fill.
The notion that clothes shape our identity and that the right clothes for you help you become your best self.

To put it into context, picture this: you are wearing an oversized stained hoodie, your husband's sweatpants and your hair is in a bun thats the wrong side of messy..... you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and this uncoordinated, brash ensemble doesn't feel right. It's not you. It makes you feel deeply uncomfortable. It feels out of alignment.

When you are feeling uncomfortable or unattractive in your clothes, its when you are out of alignment. Dressing in alignment, or out of alignment- that's all good or bad dressing is. Its why one outfit feels right and makes us happy, and why another can feel so wrong and set a bad tone for your entire day.

Choosing to dress in pieces that you feel strongly align with who you are, immediately aligns with who you want to show up as that day.... who you want to become. It's not vanity or attention seeking, its an internal process of finding the right outfit for the present moment, to reflect who you are in the here and now. After all, it's our present moment that creates our future moments.

So take some time today to focus on how you are feeling In your clothes. Are they aligning with how you feel? How you want to feel? Who you want to become? To be clear: you are not selfish or vain for doing this.

Just because we are all working from home, doesn't mean we can't show up as our best self. Trust me when I say, your future self will thank you.

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