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The Anti Anxiety Benefits of a Good Sweater

What is it about certain clothes, certain colours, textures, shapes, that makes us feel the way we do?

This question gets more interesting when you begin to think about how we can use clothes therapeutically- to make us feel more confident, to uplift a sad mood, or to offset anxiety. I don't know about you, but I've often seen the biggest antidote to be solved with a big heavy, chunky sweater.

Think about it. SOFTNESS COMFORTS. The desire to put on a pair of sweats, a cozy sweater and melt into your couch after a bad day is real. Supple and sumptuous textiles are fashion's chill pill. When we say something is "cozy," we mean that its texture not only brings physical comfort, but emotional consolation as well.

Those who are prone to worrying especially, like to feel cocooned: it's why weighted blankets are often used in treatment for anxiety and insomnia- the protected sensation feels grounding and calming.

Bringing it back to fashion: the weight of the blanket, or a cozy oversized sweater, essentially simulates comforting hug, helping to calm and settle our nervous system. Heavier or softer fabrics can do the same for us as adults.

Sundays are for self care, so maybe throw on your favourite sweater and reap the psychological benefits of your favourite sweats today.

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