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The World is Delayed

Let's get REAL for a second.

Buckle up my friends, because this is reality right now.

🌍The WORLD is understaffed🌍

Which is likely causing delays in many areas of your life!

While delays are inevitable in many aspects of our lives, they can also be extremely frustrating, and leave us irritable and sometimes cause us to react in less than stellar ways.

The reality is: delays are the new normal.... and I hate to break it to you, but likely going to get worse over the next few months before they get better.

👉With less staff to work the supply chains, that means products are moving slower to get to where they need

👉When Supplies are Scarce, it impacts the businesses and makers who depend on them to create their products and stock their shelves.

👉When staffing is limited and we are asking individuals to do "more with less" everyday it takes a toll on their mental health and well being.

While we may not have control over when we are greeted by delays, we do have control over how we treat THOSE WHO SHOWED UP TO GREET US.

For instance: instead of getting angry at the waitress who took your order, remember that she is not the line cook. Hence: she is not the one actually preparing that meal to deliver to your table.

Or that long line at the grocery store. It's not likely because the cashiers are slow and lazy, it's probably because they are adhering to government protocols and working with 3 less cashiers than "normal".

How about that 6 hour long ER visit to the hospital. When that overworked nurse, juggling 3x her patient load and missing her breaks, can't seem to get you seen by a doctor fast enough. Trust me when I say they wish it was that simple.

What I'm trying to remind you is that, regardless of the circumstance or frustration you find yourself feeling, many of these delays are inevitable and NOT in control of the Frontline staff that you often encounter.

So, before you get short with someone, send a snappy email, or worse, put someone on blast; please take a breath and remember the world is understaffed.....and we must continue to be kind to those who are showing up and juggling more than their share.

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