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What started as a bedtime hobby to teach herself to sew, and create pieces for her little ones… seemingly inspired Bronwyn to create the Pippa and Peach clothing Brand. It all started with the idea for a children’s skirt, but over the past 6 years has become so much more.

Bronwyn is a Registered Social worker, who completed her Masters with a focus on anxiety, stress management and occupational health and safety. She found herself, mid 30’s, in the throws of motherhood, looking for a creative
outlet to fill the evenings while her daughters slept and decided to teach herself how to sew.

Her passion is helping others find their confidence, live their truth and share their shine; be that through the clothing they wear, or how they navigate through their journey.

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We know how overwhelming life can be

We design and produce pieces to achieve a fashion statement. We take pride in the details, the design, and the versatility of each piece and know the transformative power a woman feels when she feels
confident in her clothes.

Pippa and Peach strives to take the decision fatigue out of getting dressed every day. The goal: effortless, comfort and confidence


Local Matters


We are proud to be a Canadian based company. Much of our production is completed in the heart of Niagara Region, and our team is compromised predominently of New Comers to Canada. We believe that a stitch is a universal language, and by creating local jobs and opportunity, we have built a foundation that has allowed us to grow such an amazing team.

In September of 2022, we expanded our product line to include "The Edit"- a carefully curated collection of complimentary items to expand our product offerings for customers- in order to navigate rising producttion and supply chain costs.

We are cosntantly striving to bring stylish and afforable pieces to our customers, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future- whether that be through a predominently preorder model or through supporting other complimentary brands that we love.

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